Dear Kid,

A beagle named Miss P won the 2015 Westminster Dog Show. I wasn't there to take a photo, so here's another beagle to make you smile. DearKidLoveMom.comA 15” beagle (did you know beagles came in sizes?) named Miss P won the Westminster Dog Show last night.

Puppy: Princess Pea?
Me: Different story. That one involved soup
Puppy: The Princess and the Pea?
Me: Yet another story. That one involved mattresses

Miss P looked like she was having a grand old time. She is only the second beagle to ever have won the show in its 139 year history (second longest held sporting event in the US—any guess what the oldest is?). Perhaps only the judge of the Best In Show class had a better time.

Puppy: Did I win?
Me: You weren’t there
Puppy: Would I have won if I’d been there?

I decide “yes” is a completely truthful answer. Since there is nothing purebred about the puppy (and he’s far too old for a show dog) the only way he will ever be at Westminster is if I dream about it—and if it’s my dream of course he’ll win.

In some ways I loved watching Westminster. The dogs are dang cute and shows like this are the only place I get to see some of these breed.

On the other hand, I’m a little conflicted. There aren’t too many purebred show dogs in rescue centers and shelters and I’m a huge fan of rescue babies.

Puppy: I’m a rescue baby, right?
Me: Yes, you most certainly are

Miss P is being retired from shows in order to breed. See my above comment about shelters and too many dogs without forever homes.

Then I read that Miss P’s owner has never met her. I find that very sad.

On the other hand, Miss P seemed perfectly happy doing what she was doing and being the center of the dog world.

Love, Mom

The longest running sporting event is the Kentucky Derby