First Beer Can made by American Can CompanyDear Kid,

I had a brilliant idea last night for how to make a zillion dollars. We should create a calendar called College Men and Their Mascots. Think about it: You, the guitar, Rufus the Ohio University Bobcat. Rinse and repeat at other schools. I think it’s brilliant. Unless someone is already doing it in which case it’s less than brilliant. Either way, I’ll take a dozen copies.

It is a gorgeous day here in Southwest Ohio. You would not know about that since you are still fast asleep. Make a note: another reason to sleep at college is that mornings are (often) really nice times.

I have high hopes for getting everyone working together today to get some of the gardens cleaned up. The War of the Weeds is in full swing and I’m not sure the good guys (meaning me) are winning right now.

I’m also hoping to take a (figurative) weed whacker to the study today. During the Great Pre-Graduation Clean Up it became something of a dumping ground. I’d like to locate a desk somewhere under the piles of stuff. If I don’t emerge after about four hours, please send in a rescue squad to be sure I haven’t been eaten Little Shop of Horrors (The Desk) style.

The summer seems to be absolutely flying by. June is practically over and Pi comes home from camp in a week.

Today is Waffle Iron Day (I kid you not). Why anyone would devote an entire day to a waffle iron is a little beyond me. Waffles, yes. Waffle Iron? Not so much.

Also, on this day in history, the first canned beer went on sale, clearing the way for millions of men boys people nutjobs to make Crushing the Beer Can on Your Forehead a popular, if painful, pastime. It is worth noting that cans were made by the American Can Company which (several decades later) would award me a scholarship for graduate school. (I never entirely understood why, but it was very helpful and I am Most Appreciative.) Beer cans are also quite useful for making beer can chicken on the grill.

Try to remember there are no Points in Life handed out for hurting yourself with a beer can.

Love, Mom