Football kickers ruleDear Kid,

Hope you are enjoying pre-classes starting activities. Sounds like things are going well so far. We are eager to hear more.

Last night was the last pre-season football scrimmage. Sycamore vs Princeton (the high school, not the college) played three quarters with Varsity playing the first two and JV playing the third. The mosquitoes joined in somewhere in the middle of the second quarter.

Pi was Officially Starting Place Kicker for Varsity (do you think she’s excited? Only VERY!).  She was 2 for 2 on PATs. IMHO she should have had a third attempt, but Clarence got horsecollared 5 yards from the endzone. He was out the rest of the game with an injured shin. I believe his injury distracted the boys which led to a silly fumble which led to the wrong team having the ball which led to Not A Scoring Opportunity. I’m pretty sure we “won” 21 – 7 but I have to admit, I wasn’t really paying attention since it’s preseason. She’s off at films to find out how well they actually did.

The Freshman Football Team played before the Varsity/JV team and I spent some time talking to some of the freshplayers during the Important Game. It’s really cool how impressed they are with your sister. “She can really kick.” Yup. One of the boys from Princeton was not as accepting (although he may have been having a bad night–who knows) and didn’t shake her hand in the post-game Slap The Guy On The Other Team In A Show Of Good Sportsmanship Whether You Mean It Or Not line.

In Other News, all kinds of not-terribly-interesting things happening here.

We found the TV remotes, so we can stop wondering if you somehow sneaked them off to college or if Booker put them in his toy bin. Turns out the new couches find TV remotes especially tasty and have a hidden pouch for storing them. Dad performed a couch-ectomy and gave the furniture a Stern Talking To. At least we know the first place to look next time they go missing.

I got the car cleaned yesterday and discovered that it’s color is Green not Dirt. It took several muscular people, a large sandblaster, and an hour and a half to chisel away all the accumulated filth. They are putting up a plaque for the car inside the station because they set a new record for the number of towels needed to restore the car to some semblance of presentability. It’s much easier to see out the windows now without all the Booker nose-marks. On the other hand, every scratch, dent, ding, chip, and dimple stands out in the gleaming clean-ness. I am considering driving through a mud-puddle and going back to camouflage. Today we are going car shopping. Again. My head may explode. If there is no post tomorrow, you can assume it’s because I’ve been locked up for my own good.

Love, Mom