Enjoy the first day of college classesDear Kid,

There are lots of traditions throughout the world about starting school on a sweet note. It’s not only Judaism that has a tradition of sweetening the first day of school. In Germany, children get huge Schultueten, also called school cones or sugar cones, for their first day (huge, as in almost as big as they are). In many other cultures, the idea of giving a child sweets, honey, something new for their room, or some other special treat is commonplace. The idea is that Learning Should Be Sweet. Not always easy, but sweet. Just ask Mary Poppins (just a spoon full of sugar and all that).

Booker also believes in treats for learning. His idea of sweet is “tastes like bacon” but the principle is the same.

One unfortunate aspect (perhaps the only unfortunate aspect?) of being away at school is that you are not here. (Brilliant assessment, huh?) But as you are there not here I can’t make you cinnamon rolls or French toast or something equally scrumptious for breakfast. (That sounds like I’ve made you something sinful for breakfast for the last 12 years, doesn’t it? Truth in advertising is not one of the rules in cyberspace….)

I hope you have something yummy sometime tomorrow to celebrate the new school year.

Please take some photos on your way to your first class. Just take some snaps of what you see as you’re walking to class.

You can never have another first day of your first year of college. So enjoy! May tomorrow be one of many wonderful days of learning.

Love, Mom