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The Rain, The Pain, The Homecoming, Football

Dear Kid,

Last night (as I believe I’ve mentioned) was Homecoming. You know it’s homecoming because there are crowds and crowns involved. Also many people came “home.” But it’s odd to call it home when it’s a football game, and these people never really thought of High School as “home,” and the games are played at the Junior High.

It rained last night. I’d like to say it poured, it monsooned, it hurricaned. But it didn’t. It just rained. Steadily and insistently. Through the entire pre-game, game, and presumably the post-game (we did not stay for post-game). And it was chilly. Poor Tal was frozen down to her tippy-toes never having experienced the joy of a rainy football game before. Not sure how she’ll handle February.

The Homecoming Court seemed un-fazed by the rain. By “unfazed” I mean they didn’t seem unhappy. But most of them dressed for the weather rather than for the fashion generally associated with homecoming court. And the King’s crown came complete with a clear plastic bag covering it.

The football team dressed as a football team. The defense played extremely well except for letting in a more touchdowns than seemed absolutely necessary.

The offense had flashes of brilliance punctuated by long stretches of siestas and mistakes. Including a missed PAT kicked by someone who isn’t your sister.

We lost.

Sorry I didn’t send commentary on the game last night, but due to the aforementioned sogginess my phone decided to stay home. That is also the reason there isn’t a photo of the homecoming court. Or at least that’s the reason I’m using at the moment.

The JV game is today at 1pm which is a Most Inconsiderate time for a game on a day when Some People have to get fluffed and buffed for the Homecoming Dance. Fortunately, the rain has stopped (Puppy still had to have his feet wiped after his morning walk sniff but that’s a story for another day.

Enjoy your homecoming today.

Love, Mom

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Stormy News and November 18th | Did You Know About This?

Dear Kid,

Rainbows apologize for angry skies.Sylvia Voirol DearKidLoveMom.comHappy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend.

We had a low-key and soggy weekend. Whatever you’ve heard about the terrible storms/tornados/monsoons in Indiana is true but in our particular corner of the world it just rained and blew. There are branches down (but mostly the branches that were going to come down sometime this winter anyway). There was even a nice break in the torrential downpour to let Booker walk the privies in not too much rain (extra points if you get the reference).  Sending our thoughts and prayers to those who were hit hard by the storms.

November 18th was quite a day in history. Here are the highlights:

In 1307, William Tell shot an apple off his son’s head. There was no television coverage so we can’t be sure it happened. There is an overture but it wasn’t written in time for the event itself so the sound track was probably little Will mumbling about putting his crazy father in a home and locking up the bows and arrows.

The first English book, “Dictes & Sayengis of the Phylosophers”, was printed in 1477. It wasn’t until centuries later that printers were discouraged from inventive spelling.

In 1718, Voltaire’s “Oedipe” premiered in Paris. At least one critic wanted to put his own eyes out. Also in Paris (albeit several years later), the Louvre officially opened.

In 1820, US Navy Captain Nathaniel B Palmer discovered Antarctica. This was excellent news for penguins who then got their day in the sun (ok, they’d been in the sun) who then got their day in the limelight (remind me to look up the origin of the word ‘limelight’) but terrible news for Mrs. Captain Nathaniel B Palmer who had asked her hubby to run down to the corner store for a quart of milk.

November 18th was an excellent day for theater. Major Barbara, Skin of Our Teeth, and Fiddler on the Roof all premiered. If I were a Rich Mom I would take you to see them all. In 1928, Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse appeared in NY in “Steamboat Willie” which is important because Steamboat Willie would eventually become an answer to a Jeopardy! question.

In 1963 (an excellent year), Bell Telephone introduced push button telephones (you know, the thing you can use to call your mother–hint, hint). One year later (not using the telephone), J. Edgar Hoover described Martin Luther King as a “most notorious liar” and the word “twit” was invented.

In 1902, Morris Michton of Brooklyn created a stuffed bear and named it after Teddy Roosevelt.

And then, O Best Beloved, we have the Most Important, Auspicious, Monumental, and Meaningful event to have happened in all of history on November 18th: In 1894, the NY World published the first newspaper Sunday color comics section. (I have to sit quietly for a moment and give thanks.)

Have a colorful day, sweetie,

Love, Mom

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Kansas City from Oklahoma! (excerpted)

Ev’rythin’s like a dream in Kansas City,
It’s better than a magic lantern show!
Y’ c’n turn the radiator on
Whenever you want some heat.
With ev’ry kind o’ comfort
Ev’ry house is all complete.
You c’n walk to privies in the rain
And never wet your feet!
They’ve gone about as fur as they c’n go….

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