Dear Kid,

Summer has arrived.

Cool off in the summer with a dip in the pool, lake, ocean, or a nearby puddle. DearKidLoveMom.comI know this because there is an ozone advisory and those never seem to pop up during the winter.

Also because the air is sauna-like. Which is to say that when I walked out of the air conditioning, the heat and humidity slammed into my lungs like…well, like nothing except summer heat and humidity.


Then I remember it could be snowing and I start to smile.

And then I remember that there is air conditioning and I’m just plain happy.

Because I am That Kind of a Mom, I am going to share with you my Top 7 Tips for living happily during the summer. (Not to be confused with my list of 5 Great Things About Summer which you can read here.)

Drink lots of water. Dad is (lately) of the opinion that we (and by “we” I mean humans) get sufficient water from food and the odd glass of whatever beverage is handy. He’s wrong. Drink water.

Sunscreen. The average (and by “average” I mean the one I bought) tube of sunscreen is 8 ounces. The amount of sunscreen you’re supposed to use Per Application is 1 ounce. You should be going through a tube of sunscreen at least once a week if you’re in the sun regularly. If you’re not going through it that quickly, use more.

Wear a hat. Even those of us that look ridiculous in hats (by which I mean me) understand that hats will help keep you cool and help keep your skin from getting that lovely charred look.

Get soggy. If you’re near a pool, lake, ocean, or large puddle, take a dip every now and then. If not, run your wrists under some cool water. I don’t know why it helps, but it does. (Don’t look at me like that—I studied business not anatomy.)

Get in the shade. It’s amazing how moving out of the sun can help.

Have a Popsicle. It’s one of those bonus things—water, sugar, and ice all in one! Even better, have frozen strawberries. In an emergency (and by “emergency” I mean any time you happen to be awake), have some ice cream.

Call your mother. It won’t really cool you off, but it might distract you from the heat.

If all else fails, just remember: it could be snowing.

Love, Mom