Dear Kid,

Yesterday, while taking the Puppy for his morning walk, I discovered that my right rainboot leaks.

If it were 30 degrees colder (like it's supposed to be in December) then this snow would be no match for my snowboots. DearKidLoveMom.comPinkie toe: Um, damp over here.
Me: Quiet. It’s too early for talking toes.
Pinkie toe: Taking on water over here.
The rest of my toes sniggered. No one is nice that early in the morning.
Puppy: I’m nice
Me: True
Middle toe: Ugh, it’s wet in here.
Pointer toe: Start bailing! Ship to shore: SOT!
Me: What?
Pointer toe: Save Our Toes!
Me: Oh, goodness.
Puppy: I have to sniff.
Pinkie toe: Puddle astern!!
Big toe: Man the lifeboats! Scuttle the sock drawer!
Pointer toe: Bail! Bail!
Me: I can’t believe this.
Puppy: I can’t believe you’re not sniffing.
Middle toe: Is it bath time?
Pointer toe: Every toe to their stations!
Fourth toe: Haven’t you noticed that we’re connected?
Pointer toe: Don your SCUBA gear!
Big toe: Did someone actually plan for me to get wet?
Pinkie toe: I thought the point of boots was for us to stay dry?
Fourth toe: You can’t believe every pair of shoes you talk to.
Pointer toe: Heave to! Lower the aft sails! Look lively!
Big toe: There ought to be some sort of celebration before we drown.
Me: There will not be any drowning today.
Middle toe: We could sing.
Me: There will not be any singing before I’ve had coffee.
Fourth toe: I hope there are dry towels at home.
Pointer toe: Raise the jib! Land ho! Keep bailing!
Me: I liked it better when you guys were dry and quiet.
Toes (in unison): So did we!
Puppy: Hey, it’s raining! I’m wet!
Pinkie toe: No one ever listens until it’s too late.
Puppy: Heading for home and dryness!
Toes: Glub. Glub.
Me: The day can only get better, right?

Love, Mom

P.S. Thanks for the title Pi!