Dear Kid,

It’s that time of year again. The time we like to call Winter.

Somehow this comes as a surprise to Booker every year. This year, I recorded some of the more interesting conversations he and I have had on our early morning walks.

Booker warming his nose DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: Mom, come smell this!
Me: No thank you
Puppy: You should really come smell this!
Me: No, moms don’t sniff things on the ground
Puppy: Ok, I’ll roll in it and you can sniff me!
Me: Booker!


Puppy: It’s really cold
Me: yup. hurry up
Puppy: I can’t hurry. It’s really cold.
Me: it’s warm inside.
Puppy: it’s too cold to walk home.


Puppy: Where’s the grass?
Me: Under the snow
Puppy: but puppies use grass
Me: today puppies use snow
Puppy: WHAT? that stuff’s cold
Me: it won’t get any warmer while you complain
Puppy: (this is just wrong)


Puppy: We should go outside
Me: It’s cold. You won’t be happy.
Puppy: We should go outside
Me: It’s really, really cold. You won’t be happy
Puppy: !!! Outside, Outside, Outside! This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me!!!!
Me: Hold on, I’m getting my coat and gloves
Puppy: hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry
Me: OK. Out we go
Puppy: I’m cold. Let’s go inside


Puppy: I have snow in my toes.
Me: that’s what happens when you walk in the snow.
Puppy: it’s cold.
Me: Snow generally is.
Puppy: I have snow in my toes.
Me: would you like me to wipe off your paws?
Puppy: yes please. This one too.
Me: better?
Puppy: oh, yes… Let’s go sniff THAT snow.


Puppy: My feet are cold.
Me: We still have to walk home.
Puppy: But my feet are cold. I think I’ll shiver and look pathetic right here


Puppy: I have snow on my nose.
Me: That’s usually what happens when you stick your snout in the snow
Puppy: It tickles…and it tastes cold when I lick it off


Puppy: The ground moved!
Me: You slipped on the ice
Puppy: The ground isn’t supposed to move!
Me: It didn’t. You slipped on some ice
Puppy (affronted): somebody should fix that ground


Puppy: There is bad stuff in my toes
Me: It might be the stuff they put down to melt the snow
Puppy: I don’t like it
Me: Would you like me to wipe off your paws?
Puppy: Yes, please. You have warm hands
Me: Not any more


Puppy: Did you know you can smell through the snow?
Me: I was not aware of that
Puppy: Come here, I’ll show you
Me: No thank you
Puppy: Right here, it’s easy
Me: Mom’s don’t sniff through the snow
Puppy: How about right here?
Me: Haven’t we had this conversation before?
Puppy: All this sniffing would go a lot faster if you would help


Me: Didn’t you just sniff that spot?
Puppy: Yup
Me: Any particular reason you’re sniffing it again?
Puppy: You never know what might have happened in the last minute
Me: Fair enough


Puppy: Mom?
Me: Yes baby?
Puppy: I love you
Me: I love you too, sweetie
Puppy: I’m still cold
Me: I know. Ready to go home?
Puppy: Soon. I just need to finish sniffing

Love, Mom