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Waffle Day!!

Dear Kid,

It’s Waffle Day!

In honor of Waffle Day, Pi and I had breakfast at Waffles Incaffeinated in Pittsburgh.

Let me sum up our experience by saying “YUM!”

I had the Mega-Berry Waffle.

I had the Mega-Berry Waffle. YUM! at Waffles Incaffeinated.

Pi had a Very Interesting Waffle that she added things to to make it Even More Interesting.

Pi had a Very Interesting Waffle that she added things to to make it Even More Interesting. Waffles Incaffeinated.

We sampled all three of the house syrups (maple, maple bourbon, and vanilla). And there was a lot of good coffee for one of us. (I’ll let you guess which one.)

It was a great way to start our day.

Fun (or not) waffle facts:

  • The word “waffle” is from the Dutch, meaning “wafer.”
  • Unless it comes from the Old German “wefan”, which meant “to weave something into the shape of a honeycomb.”
  • Waffles were brought to America by the pilgrims. Which started the tradition of turkey and waffles.
  • There are waffles in our freezer because Eggo started freezing waffles in 1953. The ones in our freezer were made more recently.
  • There are savory waffles in the world, but they are a mistake.

How are you going to celebrate Waffle Day? Enjoy!

Love, Mom

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Harvest Your Own Sap for Maple Syrup

Dear Kid,

Tapping the maple grove hoping for a huge maple syrup harvest. DearKidLoveMom.comDad has decided to tap the maple grove. The maple grove in our front yard consisting of exactly one youngish tree.

Dad: Do you know what a spile is?
Me: Yes.
Dad: You do?
Me: Of course I do. I read all the Hunger Games books.
Dad: Huh?
Me: Never mind. I know what a spile is.

So Dad and NeighborFriend drilled a hole in our tree, plugged in the spile, and rigged an entire system to harvest maple sap.

They forgot to ask the tree how she felt about having the procedure done.

Apparently she wasn’t so much in favor of being harvested.

So far, we have an elaborate rig, a broken spile, and no sap collected.

Dad has explained—in exquisite detail—that this is due to the warm weather (which will soon be corrected), not clearing out the hole for the spile (which has now been “mended” with a straw), and other metaphysical inconsistencies.

Just so we’re clear: do not count on maple syrup supplementing your inheritance. You’ll be lucky if it supplements your pancake. Singular.

Love, Mom

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