July 5th bikini introducedDear Kid,

On July 5, 1946 the bikini was introduced, forever changing the way Sports Illustrated thought about the Swimsuit edition (which—in a coincidental case of dyslexia—didn’t begin until 1964). Other things probably also happened on July 5th somewhere along the way in history, but they pale in comparison to the bikini (at least I assume you’d think so) so I won’t bother you with them.

I will however apologize for being the Sort of Mom I Am. I know you would have preferred a photo of a model actually wearing a bikini. I looked, I really did. But you know how I feel about promoting anorexic, airbrushed models, and some of the photos I found of non-models were …um… a little too realistic. Hence the bikini sans model. Besides, white is not a good color for a bikini for 99.8% of the women in the world. Don’t get me started.

Hope you had a good, if damp, Fourth. Who knew we had a Rainy Season here in Southwest Ohio? Apparently it begins immediately after the last snow storm and lasts for-e-ver. According to our resident meteorologist (Dad), we really didn’t have that much rain in June. It’s just that it rained pretty much every day. July shows every sign of imitating June, soggy weather-wise. I know I said you have to make your own sunshine (and for the record, I still believe that), but I’m starting to grow webbing between my toes, and the weeds are beginning to take over the garden.

All of which means there isn’t a lot of bikini wearing around here.

Have a fab Friday, kid,

Love, Mom