summer-food-watermelonDear Kid,

Today feels like summer. I think it’s more about what we did today than about the weather (although the weather is most assuredly summer-ish).

After weeding for a while (and losing about 27 pounds of water weight in the 90 degree weather), Booker and I spent about half an hour in the hammock. Because it’s a rope hammock, he lay on my tummy. He was a little nervous, but once he settled down we had a nice snuggle. There was a lovely breeze and we were in the shade which made it absolutely delightful.

This afternoon I finally got the closet in the laundry room cleaned out. It is amazing how many pairs of sneakers and soccer cleats were in there. It’s like they are the opposite of socks—instead of half the pair disappearing, they breed. Is there such a thing as birth control for sneakers?

I thought we might have a cookout tonight, but there is next to no food in the house. Then I thought maybe we’d have a fire, but it’s Stanley Cup night so I’m pretty sure there won’t be any outdoor activities (at least not until we install the outdoor tv which will happen never). So I’ll have to pretend about summer food. Perhaps we can have some of the veggies growing in the garden. That might feel summer-ish.

What is your favorite summer food, kid?

Love, Mom