Dear Kid,

Not too long ago, we gave the puppy a new toy. It was a fuzzy duck. Which is fun to say. And apparently fun to carry around because the puppy spent a lot of time trotting around with the fuzzy duck.

See my new fuzzy duck?

The duck had a quacker in it. Which made a very funny quwonck sound every now and then. The puppy carried the duck everywhere for a few days.

But a day or so ago, the puppy decided it was time to surgically remove the duck’s quacker. Much chewing and de-stuffing ensued. The noisemaking part was gently removed (and by “gently removed” I mean ripped out) and teeny pieces of plastic were methodically chewed off and spit out.

I watched carefully to be sure all the little parts were spit out. After a while I traded the plastic for an edible bone so I didn’t have to watch any more.

Yesterday, the baby decided to remove all the rest of the stuffing. He is (of course) very proud of himself.

See my new fuzzy duck? I am such a good boy.

Love, Mom