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That Statue in Rio

Dear Kid,

Rio Summer 2016 Olympics. DearKidLoveMom.comHave you noticed that the summer Olympics are coming up? And that they’re going to be in Rio?

Yeah, you probably knew that. Which means that it is time to learn a little bit about Rio de Janeiro. Specifically, the big statue that photo-bombs every picture of the city.

The statue in question is called Christ the Redeemer. At least in English. It’s called Cristo Redentor in Portuguese which you don’t speak.

The statue is 98 feet tall, has a wingspan of 92 feet, and stands (literally) at the top of Corcovado Mountain (which is 2,300 feet high). This is why you look up to see it.

That people can look up to see it without throwing their entire spinal cord out of alignment is one of the reasons it’s considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Stick with me here for a minute. The statue is in Brazil, was create by a Polish-French sculptor, the face was made by a Romanian artist, and it’s named in Portuguese (because that’s what they speak in Brazil). His outstretched arms are a symbol of peace.

Maybe it is the perfect piece of art for the Olympics.

Love, Mom

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Do You Know This About Miss L? I Bet You Don’t

Dear Kid,

Did you know that the real name of The Statue of Liberty is Liberty Enlightening the World? Neither did I.

Did you know Ms. Liberty is made of copper? Of course you did. That’s why she’s green. (Not because she’s really a frog. Even though she was made by frogs. Get it?)

Did you know she’s a goddess? The Roman goddess Libertas (goddess of freedom). And she’s not holding a book, she’s holding a tabula ansata (tablet evoking the law). And upon said tabula ansata is the date July 4, 1776 (penalty points if you don’t recognize the date). The torch she’s holding gets hit by about 600 bolts of lightning every year.

Did you know there’s a broken chain at her feet? No, not an ankle bracelet. Broken shackles and chains. Also, her right foot is raised, depicting her moving forward away from oppression and slavery.

Did you know that her nose is almost (but not quite) as tall as I am? This is more a statement about the bigness of her nose than it is about the shortness of your mother.

The seven spikes on the crown represent the seven oceans and the seven continents of the world, indicating the universal concept of liberty. She was a lighthouse from 1886 to 1902, and could be seen by boats over 24 miles away.

Try not to climb Miss L during a storm. In high winds, she sways by up to 3 inches, and her torch can move 5 inches. Not for the faint of heart.

Now you know.

Love, Mom

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