Dear Kid,

How can I do homework? I can't read! DearKidLoveMom.comWelcome back to campus!

How does it feel to be back, albeit in a different dorm with different roommates and different classes and different expectations and different and experiences?

It’s amazing how returning to someplace can be familiar and new all at the same time…

According to research that has yet to be formalized, sophomore year is an excellent time. You have a vague idea of what is expected of you (having figured that out freshman year), you have friends and know how to make more (having figured that out your freshman year), you know where buildings and offices are (having figured that out your freshman year). Now all you have to do is figure out new classes and how to be a sophomore. Easy peasy.

One thing to remember is your parents. You may have heard of us. We’re the people who drove you to school yesterday, made your bed (for what I assume is the first and last time all year), and bought you lunch. We are the people who will look for the things you forgot to bring with you and mail them to you on Monday. We are the people who will nag you and fuss at you and ask annoying questions and still love you to pieces. We are just some of the people who are here for you. Always. Whether you want us or not.

Don’t forget to check in every now and then.

Have a wonderful year.

Love, Mom