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You Won’t Believe What Today Is

Dear Kid,

Happy No Socks Day. DearKidLoveMom.comHappy Sunday!

It’s the 8th and all across the land, people are celebrating the essence of the day. Yes, that’s right. It’s No Socks Day. (Didn’t see that one coming, did you?)

In honor of No Sock Day, I am not wearing socks (see how that works?).

I went barefoot for coffee, sockless when Dad and I went out to run errands, and sockless when I planted the spinach we picked up on our errand run.

Ridiculously, it’s a little too chilly and rainy for socklessness, but I sacrificed my toes in order to celebrate. I’m just that kind of girl.

Happy Today.

Love, Mom

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

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Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate

Dear Kid,

It occurred to me that there are specific ways to procrastinate when writing a blog. And that I should share them here. Not that I would EVER employ any of these. Ever.

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” – Mark Twain

I should probably also point out that none of these can be used to procrastinate when it comes to studying or completing a lab assignment.

10. Watch an episode of Project Runway Jr. Give the judges your opinions.

9. Play a game of Spider Solitaire. Provide professional commentary in your head.

8. Wonder what it would be like to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

7. Shop for a pair of purple high heels. Remember you have purple heels. Decide that doesn’t matter.

6. Design a pair of socks for the office sock contest.

5. Organize your T-shirts. Alphabetically.

4. Clean the bathroom. (Yeah, right.)

3. Drink a cup of coffee. Decide it was so good you’ll have another.

2. Take a nap.

1. Write a ridiculous Top 10 list.

Happy studying.

Love, Mom

What's your favorite way to procrastinate?

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?

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Men Are Getting Serious About Socks

Dear Kid,

The men in my office are getting serious about socks. DearKidLoveMom.comMany of the men in my office have a thing about socks going.

They wear colorful, outrageous socks. They hem their dress pants so their socks show. And they don’t hesitate to pull up the bottom of their trousers enough to show anyone who asks what socks they’re wearing.

Next month there is going to be an outrageous socks contest. Yes, I plan to compete. And yes, any suggestions are welcome.

What are your favorite socks?

Love, Mom

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Do You Know What Today Has To Do With Socks?

Dear Kid,

Gotta love toes. Happy No Socks Day. DearKidLoveMom.comIt’s No Socks Day!

This is fantastic for at least two reasons.

One reason is that it’s fun to not wear socks. Not wearing socks is a tangible sign that warm weather has arrived. I love having my toes free to wiggle and breathe. Yes, my toes breathe.

The other reason is that No Socks Day is just a fun idea. And it seems to me (and many of other people) that we often don’t have enough fun in the world.

The headlines (and sub headlines) are full of bad news. And there is no question that there is a LOT of bad news out there. The world can be a not-so-nice place sometimes.

So taking some time now and then to have some fun seems like a great idea.

Happy No Socks Day! DearKidLoveMom.comHave a breakfast pastry, help yourself to ice cream at lunch, and don’t wear socks. Because it’s fun.

Happy No Socks Day!

Love, Mom

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