Dear Kid,


Another weekend disappeared as if Dumbledore had pointed his wand and said an incantation.

Time is weird. Some days seem to take forever, some take forever to get here, some go by at a normal pace, and sometimes – blip! – it seems as if you blink and they’re gone.

For us, this weekend wasn’t really anything spectacular. In fact, it was the plainest of the plain, the most routine of all weekends.

Stay safe in the storm. DearKidLoveMom.comI can’t remember a single thing we did (except registering Pi for classes for her senior year. That was an Adventure in Creative Scheduling and Rationalization. Turns out she wants to take far more than there are slots in the day. Add in sports and work and being Pi and….we decided she needs to talk to her counselor.).

Monday is named for the moon (Moon Day). In this part of the world, the moon is hiding behind clouds. In the northeast, the moon took one look at the storm, decided it was being upstaged, and went to visit Jupiter for a few days.

Stay safe if you’re in Marcus’ path!

Today is Clean Out Your Computer Day (you’re supposed to get rid of old files and whatnot). That seems to fall under the “Yeah, Right” category. My computer will have to remain cluttered for another year.

Hope you have a memorable day.

Love, Mom