Dear Kid,

It’s going to be one of those days.

Pi is working on her dress for tonight and the sewing machine decided to act up. (This will not surprise you since a) the sewing machine is approximately 9,000 years old and b) I’m so good with technology.)

So I did the most reasonable thing I could think of and started moving dials and levers and things to fix it.

When that failed (duh), I called grandma since she Knows These Things. (By the way mom, you were right, the bobbin does go counter clockwise—I got my head turned around while I was talking to you.)

Grandma was appropriately sympathetic and made Useful Suggestions that didn’t recognize that they were supposed to be useful.

So I went back to fiddling with levers and dials and whatnot.

All of a sudden, voila! machine fixed.

Pi said, “What did you do?” I told her the truth. “I have no idea.”

She said, “Alrighty then.” Which was probably the only reasonable answer.
She and I both gave the sewing machine Stern Looks and told it to behave itself.

I’ll keep you posted. (Your welcome.)

Love, Mom

P.S. I’d take a photo of the production, but I left my phone at work last night, so that’s not really an option.