Dear Kid,

Yes, it is finally here.

September 28th is Ask a Stupid Question Day.

Because no matter how often people say “there is no such thing as a stupid question” we all know that’s not true. There are plenty of stupid questions and people ask them all the time.

Usually we celebrate stupid questions by rolling our eyes, repeating the answer v-e-r-y slowly, and moving away from the asker (Note: Stupid Questions are not contagious, but they are annoying).

Today, however, we celebrate the Stupid Question. You get to say things like “Congratulations! That was a really stupid question! Way to go, dude!”

This usually leaves the asker even more confused since they aren’t aware that it’s Stupid Question Day—which in turn leads to celebrating more stupid questions. Like “huh?”

Once you get into the swing of things, you might be surprised to discover just how much fun Stupid Question Day can be.

(Note: Keep in mind it’s not Stupid Answer Day. The goal is not to come up with increasingly stupid statements.)

When was Ask a Stupid Question Day created? In the 1980s

Who created Ask a Stupid Question Day? Teachers. I kid you not.

Why? To try to get more kids to ask questions.

Has it worked? (That may be too stupid even for today.)

Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day!

Love, Mom