The Kid on a Segway DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

Have you been following the news about Segway? Not to worry if you’ve missed the latest—it probably won’t be on an exam any time soon.

Segways have been around for a while, but—even though they are about 16 kinds of fun—they haven’t really taken off as a major transportation method in most areas. With the exception of Mall Cops and that’s probably not the gold standard by which one measures success. Segway tours  are mucho fun but they aren’t changing the Way America Commutes to Work either.

Fortunately for the Segway business, a new game has been invented—Segway Polo. Which is pretty much as expensive and rough as the original but requires far less upkeep in terms of cleaning up after the steed. (In case you were wondering, you can’t take polo ponies on airplanes (they don’t fit in the overhead compartment above) and you can’t take Segways on airplanes (lithium batteries are a no-no).)

The biiiiig Segway polo tourney is called The Woz. Extra points if you can figure out who it’s named after. So there is no danger of Segways segueing out of existence any time soon.

In other news, it’s a Sunday afternoon which means Pi is doing homework, Booker is shedding, and Dad is very busy coaching football (and by “coaching” I mean screaming at the professional athletes on TV). Despite only getting 3 first downs in the first half (yep, first HALF) of the game, the Bengals are up 31 to 13 (a very palindromic score, don’t you think?). Hopefully, it will not be quite as exciting as last week’s game!

Love you much, kiddo,

Love, Mom

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