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On the Plus Side, There Was a Really Good Reason to Clean the Counters

Dear Kid,

It’s April 30th.

Which means it’s National Hairstyle Appreciation Day. And National Honesty Day. And rainy and humid.

Which means if we’re really going to “honor” today, we’d have to go around telling people how much we love their horrible hairdo.

On the plus side, there was a really good reason to clean the counters. DearKidLoveMom.comPersonally, I suggest skipping the talking and moving straight to the balloons and cookies.

There are balloons and cookies aren’t there?

If you’re feeling excessively festive, we can throw in a quick salute to National Karaoke Week and National Welder’s Month.

In other celebratory news, do you know what happens when you overfill the single-serve coffee maker? Yep. You have the wonderful opportunity of cleaning up the kitchen counter. In completely unrelated news, our kitchen counters are looking exceptionally clean at the moment.

Have a great day, kiddo. Try to stay dry in all the rain and drizzle and try not to give yourself unplanned reasons to clean.

Love, Mom

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Saturday, To Do List, Delegation, and Snoring Puppy

Dear Kid,

It’s Saturday. It should be a day of rest and relaxation and other fun “r” words.

This is the LOOK I am giving my To Do List in the hope that it will be intimidated and get itself done without help from me. DearKidLoveMom.comBut as I look at my To Do List (note that it doesn’t start with an “r”), I seem to have approximately 83 hours worth of tasks to fit into today.

And that doesn’t even include lunch.

It is going to be a crowded day.

I gave serious consideration to how to multi-task. After half a cup of coffee I decided that showering while typing a blog is probably a bad idea.

I gave serious consideration to delegation. Pi has left for most of the day, the Puppy is curled up sleeping, and Dad is eager to help. Dishwasher loading delegated. Now I’m down to 82.5 hours worth of To Dos.

To be fair, he offered to help with other things. The problem is that the other things are either already on his list or would take me longer to explain (and possibly re-do) than it would take just to do in the first place.

Just to be clear, no, you may not delegate studying for your classes.

Have a fab day, kiddo. Stay warm.

Love, Mom

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