Dear Kid,

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Thank you Auntie M (and the entire cooking crew) for a wonderful meal and a great evening.

I have a turkey and carbohydrate hangover (like the rest of the world) and I’m realizing that writing through a tryptophan funk is not easy. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I don’t regret eating any of the deliciousness. But trying to put words together in a coherent manner right now is something of a challenge.

This is complicated by not having an actual topic. Or inspiration.

I didn’t watch enough football to have anything interesting to say about any of the games. I didn’t even watch enough football to comment on the beer commercials.

I didn’t watch enough of the parade to say anything interesting about it. (People marched; balloon floated; commentators blathered.)

I don’t plan any Black Friday shopping so I can’t tell you all about my intricate plan for snagging The Best Deals.

I have some very important puppy snuggling on the calendar, but you already knew that.

I thought about including some Thanksgiving jokes, but according to My Friend The Internet there aren’t any funny Thanksgiving jokes. (To be clear, there are lots of jokes listed, but if you’re over 7 years old you’re unlikely to think they’re funny.)

I briefly considered making up my own Thanksgiving jokes, but that kind of joke is not my forte and did I mention the tryptophan?

No matter what day it is, no matter what I’ve eaten that day (or the day before), no matter what I have or haven’t paid attention to on TV, I love you kiddo. And I am very, very thankful to have you in my life.

Have a great Today.

Love, Mom