Dear Kid,

Puppy: Iz Beautiful day
Me: Why are you talking with a Russian accent?
Puppy: Iz Talking Wiz Russian Accent Day
Me: Have you ever heard anyone talk with a Russian accent?
Puppy: Iz why iz very Bad Russian Accent
Me: I see
Puppy: I will have Borscht
Me: You will not
Puppy: To the Gulag with you


Puppy: Iz Beautiful day
Me: Why are you talking with a Russian accent?
Puppy: Iz Not beautiful day?
Me: Do you even know where Russia is?
Puppy: Da!
Me: Can you tell me?
Puppy: Iz where everyone speak with Russian accent! (Silly mommy)


Me: Why have you been speaking in a Russian accent?
Puppy: Iz to practice
Me: Practice what?
Puppy: Russian!
Me: But people in Russia speak Russian, they don’t speak English with a Russian accent
Puppy: But when talking to me, iz speaking with Russian accent
Me: But you’re here, not there
Puppy: Iz why to practice!


Me: Why are you practicing Russian?
Puppy: For Olympics
Me: Baby, the Sochi Olympics are over.
Puppy: For next Olympics. Da!
Me: The next Olympics are in Brazil
Puppy: Don’t be silly. The World Cup is in Brazil, not the Olympics
Me: The Summer Olympics next year will be in Brazil
Puppy: But I don’t speak Brazilian
Me: Neither do they. They speak Portuguese in Brazil
Puppy: I want a hot dog.


Puppy: How can they not speak Brazilian in Brazil?
Me: They just don’t
Puppy: Where do they speak Brazilian?
Me: Nowhere. Brazilian isn’t a language
Puppy: Doesn’t that confuse the Brazilians?
Me: They seem to manage

Love, Mom

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