Dear Kid,

When you look up “turkey,” you get all sorts of results—not all of them expected. You get Turkey (the country), and turkey (the bird), and flamingos, and storks, and tulips, and a goose. Which got me wondering where the phrase “cook one’s goose” came from. I looked for an answer, but it turns out that no one is quite sure. There are lots of guesses, but no real agreement.

When I was a kid (lo, those many years ago), Grandma and Grandpa decided it would be fun to cook a goose and have people over to enjoy the cooked goosery. A few months later, one of the families who had attended the goose dinner moved out of town. The goose dinner had been so much fun, we did it again the following year. And a few months later, one of the families who had been at that year’s dinner moved out of town. Rinse and repeat. Once the entire east coast was down to a population of 16, they stopped having goose dinners. You have been warned about the consequences of serving goose.

Ring-WatchIn case you happen to have a load of cash you don’t know what to do with, I have a suggestion. Don’t invest in BitCoin, buy your mama a ring. A Ring Clock to be specific. They are pretty darn cool, but it turns out you have to charge them for about two hours every day. Not loving it that much. And they are not exactly cheap. But when the perpetual motion variety comes out, you can feel free to put one in a box for me.

Did you know that Disney is coming out with a movie called Frozen? I think I’d like to see it, which makes it the 476th movie on my list. Sigh. Still haven’t seen Despicable Me 2. Double sigh. Anyway, the cool thing about Frozen is how much technology went into making the snow look and act like snow. There is a very interesting video about this that I didn’t understand at all. Might have had something to do with not having any sound at the time I watched it. Since it looked very technical I’m not going to watch it again with sound on the off chance that I still won’t understand it and  won’t have a reasonable excuse.

Love, Mom

Tune in tomorrow for some Amazing Facts About Turkeys!