Dear Kid,

Join the Red Thumb Movement. DearKidLoveMom.comHave you heard of the Red Thumb Movement?

Begun by Steve Babcock and now sponsored by Nissan, the Red Thumb movement is the idea of marking your thumb red and taking the pledge not to text and drive.

Steve Babcock was inspired to start the Red Thumb movement by his daughter, and her habit of tying a piece of yarn around her finger to remind her of something.

Steve painted his thumbnail red to remind himself to put down his phone while driving.

“As silly as it sounds, it totally worked”

– Steve Babcock, Founder of Red Thumb Reminder

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Nissan is promoting the Red Thumb movement as a mother’s day gift. As in, take a selfie with your thumb marked red (get creative) and send it to your mom with the pledge to put your phone down while you drive.

Red thumb or not, this is possibly the world’s greatest mother’s day gift.

Feel free to take this as a suggestion for what to get me.

And, Mom (as in your grandma), I promise I will not text and drive.

Love, Mom