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Happy Fall

Dear Kid,

It is fall.

I define fall as “I wish I had worn socks to the soccer game.” Dad defines fall as “Get those icicles you call feet off me.”

Some people define fall as “the time when cider comes” or the time of the pumpkin harvest. It is also the time of leaf changing and football and marching bands.

Fall is the time when we can’t find the right jacket because whatever we find will be insufficient for the frost of early morning and far too much for the warmth of the afternoon. Also because we can’t remember where we put the darn thing last spring.

Fall is the time when grocery store shelves explode with Halloween candy and little kids explode with ideas about Halloween costumes. It is the time when some of us begin collecting Really Interesting Recipes for Thanksgiving (most of which will never get made).

Fall is the time when our cheeks get red and we drink hot chocolate and coffee and thaw reasonably quickly. In winter, the thaw will take longer and be much less pleasant.

I need to remember to wear socks to the soccer game on Thursday.

Happy Fall.

Love, Mom


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Life, Recipe for Life, Quotes, and Spring, Where Art Thou?

This photo has nothing to do with anything except that it really amuses me

This photo has nothing to do with anything except that it really amuses me

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles Swindoll

Dear Kid,

Who knew life had a recipe? Aren’t you glad you’re going to college to learn things like that?

Of course, my general philosophy in the kitchen is Start with a recipe and then ignore it. Followed by the corollary Get someone else to clean up. And the all around When in doubt, add chocolate or garlic (but not both).

Not sure what Charles would have to say about that. I just looked him up and Chuck (he really does go by Chuck–I’m not being rude) is an evangelical Christian pastor and he’s got some pretty dandy, non-religious quotes on life. Pretty sure we’ll be seeing his name again.

Spring is clearly bi-polar this year. As far as the tulips are concerned, spring has been here for a while. As far as the rest of us are concerned–HA! Pi is rather annoyed that it isn’t really shorts weather yet. That hasn’t stopped her from wearing shorts, mind you.

Stay warm. Enjoy Spring. React well to life.

Love, Mom


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