Dear Kid,

It occurred to me that there are specific ways to procrastinate when writing a blog. And that I should share them here. Not that I would EVER employ any of these. Ever.

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” – Mark Twain

I should probably also point out that none of these can be used to procrastinate when it comes to studying or completing a lab assignment.

10. Watch an episode of Project Runway Jr. Give the judges your opinions.

9. Play a game of Spider Solitaire. Provide professional commentary in your head.

8. Wonder what it would be like to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

7. Shop for a pair of purple high heels. Remember you have purple heels. Decide that doesn’t matter.

6. Design a pair of socks for the office sock contest.

5. Organize your T-shirts. Alphabetically.

4. Clean the bathroom. (Yeah, right.)

3. Drink a cup of coffee. Decide it was so good you’ll have another.

2. Take a nap.

1. Write a ridiculous Top 10 list.

Happy studying.

Love, Mom

What's your favorite way to procrastinate?

What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?