What are you dreaming about BookerDear Kid,

Booker is sleeping and making all sorts of adorable noises in his crate. I wonder what he’s dreaming about. I’m sure he’s not dreaming about rabbits because a) we haven’t seen any rabbits recently and he’s got a memory about 14 seconds long and b) he’s surely got more important things on his mind. Like breakfast.

Can you imagine Booker actually catching a varmint? I wonder if his wolf instincts would kick in and he’d try to kill it or whether his natural personality would dominate and he’d try to be friends with it?

Speaking of his friends, Cobra (such a silly name for a cat) and Booker had a lovely time this morning. Booker whined and wagged until Cobra came running down the driveway to see him. The funny part is that while they love each other, they haven’t at all got the hang of how to behave with each other. Cobra wants to butt heads and do other cat-like things while Booker wants to play and sniff (not necessarily in that order). Which inevitably means that the cat head-butts Booker, stares superciliously at him while he tries to sniff, and then they ignore each other. The really funny part is that they work so hard at ignoring each other–kind of like 6th graders. Then the cat will go off on important cat business and Booker will fuss that he’s being abandoned. They crack me up.

I googled (when it’s a verb, do you have to capitalize google? how did google become a verb anyway? We would never say “I yahoo-ed”) dog dreams. Turns out there is an article in Psychology Today (of all places) talking about dog dreams. After some horrid experiments (how do people get away with cutting out parts of dogs’ brains???), they concluded that dogs do in fact dream (duh) and they dream about things they did during the day, just like people.

Which is only fine up to the point where I realized that I dream about things all the time that would never in a zillion years happen in real life and so how on earth can we assume what dogs dream about?

But he is the cutest furry thing for miles regardless of what he’s dreaming about.

Sweet dreams, kid.

Love, Mom