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Puppy and I Discuss the Westminster Dog Show

Dear Kid,

A beagle named Miss P won the 2015 Westminster Dog Show. I wasn't there to take a photo, so here's another beagle to make you smile. DearKidLoveMom.comA 15” beagle (did you know beagles came in sizes?) named Miss P won the Westminster Dog Show last night.

Puppy: Princess Pea?
Me: Different story. That one involved soup
Puppy: The Princess and the Pea?
Me: Yet another story. That one involved mattresses

Miss P looked like she was having a grand old time. She is only the second beagle to ever have won the show in its 139 year history (second longest held sporting event in the US—any guess what the oldest is?). Perhaps only the judge of the Best In Show class had a better time.

Puppy: Did I win?
Me: You weren’t there
Puppy: Would I have won if I’d been there?

I decide “yes” is a completely truthful answer. Since there is nothing purebred about the puppy (and he’s far too old for a show dog) the only way he will ever be at Westminster is if I dream about it—and if it’s my dream of course he’ll win.

In some ways I loved watching Westminster. The dogs are dang cute and shows like this are the only place I get to see some of these breed.

On the other hand, I’m a little conflicted. There aren’t too many purebred show dogs in rescue centers and shelters and I’m a huge fan of rescue babies.

Puppy: I’m a rescue baby, right?
Me: Yes, you most certainly are

Miss P is being retired from shows in order to breed. See my above comment about shelters and too many dogs without forever homes.

Then I read that Miss P’s owner has never met her. I find that very sad.

On the other hand, Miss P seemed perfectly happy doing what she was doing and being the center of the dog world.

Love, Mom

The longest running sporting event is the Kentucky Derby

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Puppy Conversations | The Adoption Event

Dear Kid,

Puppy: You’re going WHERE?
Me: To a pet adoption event
Puppy: But I’m here
Me: Yes, you most certainly are
Puppy: Are you taking me?
Me: No, you’ve already been adopted
Puppy: I have? By who???
Me: By us, silly
Puppy: I’m ADOPTED?
Me: Well, yes, don’t you remember us talking about it?
Puppy: Of course not.
Me: Oh, puppy

Puppy: Why are you going to a pet adoption event?
Me: To see the animals
Pi: I think we should get a goat
Puppy: Are you going to bring me an animal? I already have my green frog and my squeaky skunk
Me: No, I don’t think they are going to have squeaky skunks there
Puppy: What kind of skunks will they have?
Me: I’m not expecting any skunks. I’m expecting dogs and cats
Puppy: Are you going to bring home one of those???
Me: No, we’re just going to say hello and maybe scratch a tummy or two
Puppy: I like it when you scratch my tummy
Me: I know you do
Puppy: So I think you should stay home and scratch my tummy
Me: That’s a lovely idea. Maybe I’ll scratch your tummy when we get back
Puppy: This isn’t working out quite the way I planned
Me: Life happens that way sometimes. Besides, maybe the Really Good Treat people will be there. If they are, I’ll probably bring you home some treats
Puppy: I LOVE treats! Want a treat! Want a treat!
Me: Calm down, baby
Puppy: Can’t calm down! Want a treat!

Love, Mom

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Puppy Tries to Talk His Way Out of a Bath

Dear Kid,

Puppy: Mommy. We need to talk.
Me: We do?
Puppy: I heard you talking to Pi
Me: Yes?
Puppy: And you said that it was better to explain why she didn’t want to do something rather than just saying she didn’t want to
Me: Very true
Puppy: And to explain the good parts and the icky parts
Me: Still true
Puppy: So I made a list
Me: You what?
Puppy: Made a list
Me: Of?
Puppy: Why I don’t like baths
Me: I can hardly wait. Do tell.
Puppy: I like the cheese afterward. But I’m a big boy and I think I should get two pieces of cheese.
Me: One piece it is
Puppy: And I like when you tell me I’m a good doggy.
Me: You are a Most Excellent Beast
Puppy: I like snuggling. And I like when I get you wet and you squeak.
Me: I’m sure other people share your joy
Puppy: But I don’t like the water
Me: Hard to see how we’ll manage a bath without water
Puppy: I don’t like the shampoo. It’s cold.
Me: I am not going to microwave the shampoo
Puppy: And the linens. I don’t like having you wash my blankets
Me: Why not?
Puppy: Because then they smell CLEAN! And I don’t like it when you wash my tail.
Me: It’s a part that has to get washed
Puppy: No, I don’t think there are any parts that HAVE to get washed
Me: Don’t think we’re going to agree on that one
Puppy: I like it when you dry me, but you should do it faster. Much faster.
Me: So you can get to the cheese more quickly?
Puppy: The two pieces of cheese
Me: One
Puppy: So I think it would be better if we just snuggle and have cheese and skip the water and shampoo part
Me: You do
Puppy: Yes. I think that is an excellent idea
Me: It certainly is interesting
Puppy: Oh, good
Pi: Be carefully, fuzzy boy. In Mom World “interesting” doesn’t mean she agrees
Puppy: WHAT? That doesn’t seem right
Pi: Trust me
Me: Have you finished telling me the list?
Puppy: Why?
Me: It’s bath time
Puppy: I’m pretty sure I have to take a nap. I have to chew a toy. I have somewhere to be
Me: That “somewhere” is your bath
Puppy: Maybe we should review the list again
Me: Sure. We can discuss it while you’re in the bath
Puppy: But no water and no shampoo, right?
Me: No water and no shampoo until it’s time for water and shampoo
Puppy: I don’t like baths. I am not a water dog
Me: But very soon you will be a clean dog
Puppy: This conversation worked out much better in my head
Me: I love you too, sweetie. You are a Most Excellent Beast
Puppy: I am a good boy
Me: You are. Please lift your paw so I can wash it

Puppy rolls around after a bath.

Love, Mom

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