Dear Kid,

Overheard at work, a conversation between an Older Dude (and by “older” I mean he is past his twenties) and a Younger Dude (and by “younger” I mean he has yet to get to his twenties).

New evidence that eating pumpkin seeds can be dangerous to your health. You might grow a pumpkin in your tummy. DearKidLoveMom.comOlder Dude: Whatcha eatin’ there?

Younger Dude: Pumpkin seeds

Older Dude: They good?

Younger Dude: Yep. They are

Older Dude: Better be careful about those

Younger Dude: Huh?

Older Dude: You know what happens when you eat those?

Younger Dude: Um, no?

Older Dude: You grow a pumpkin in your stomach

Younger Dude: Well, then I better eat them, because I’m trying to gain weight

The rest of the office cracked up.

It might have been funnier in person.

Careful what you eat today.

Love, Mom