Dear Kid,

There is a sleeping puppy on my lap, and I am typing this one-handed. It’s been a long time since the baby climbed up, turned around, and settled in for a long winter’s nap. Recently he’s preferred his big pillow, but since it (the pillow) is unavailable (due to its cover being in the washing machine) my lap appears to be a suitable substitute.

Snuggling a sleeping dog is a lovely way to start the year, even though he’s trapped my left arm and is cutting off all circulation in my right foot. Who needs blood flow or efficient typing when you’ve got a little body snoring happily?

Wouldn't it be cool to know what someone else thinks your pet is saying? DearKidLoveMom.comRecently I was involved in quite a conversation about pet psychics (and by “involved” I mean listened intently). While I don’t always know what His Furriness is thinking or feeling, right now it’s crystal clear: Mom is a good pillow.

I have never met a pet psychic. I think I’d like to meet one. I generally know what the Puppy is communicating, but it would be interesting to hear someone else’s perspective interpretation translation.

In the pet psychic conversation, I heard some stories that were truly amazing about what the psychics were able to learn from the animals they were interacting with.

It must be really interesting to be a pet psychic. I really like the idea of being a Dr. Doolittle type and really, really know what animals are saying.

I wonder if there are teenager psychics. It would be really interesting to know what my kids are trying to communicate too…

Love, Mom