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Pittsburgh and Sports (You’re Missing One)

Dear Kid,

We’ve been in Pittsburgh for several hours now and I’m happy to report that I haven’t been mauled by raving Steeler fans. I haven’t even seen a Steeler fan (although they might be traveling incognito).

Quick: What professional sports teams call Pittsburgh home? That should be an easy one, so you don’t get any extra points for adding the Pirates and the Penguins to the list with the Steelers. But can you name the professional soccer team? They’re called the Riverhounds and they are an affiliate partner with the Columbus Crew (don’t fuss—I said professional, not MLS).

There are several women’s full-contact football teams in Pittsburgh, as well as a whole slew of rugby teams. There have to be a lot of teams—they keep murdering each other, and need replacement players.

Today we are off to play the sport of Not Freezing To Death At The End of March. (It was snowing last night. Ridiculous.)

Love, Mom

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Galavant! My Favorite New TV Show

Dear Kid,

Have you heard about the new show Galavant? You should be watching it.

Well, no. You should be studying voraciously. But everyone else should be watching it because it is fabulous.

King Richard quote from Galavant! DearKidLoveMom.comIt is the best of The Princess Bride meets Gilbert & Sullivan and then had an affair with Men in Tights and whose favorite cousin is The Producers or possibly When Things Were Rotten. In other words, possibly the most perfect show ever.

Lots of silliness, lots of singing, Medieval countryside, pirates (always good), Knights in Shining Armor, Kings, a Bar Mitzvah sign, a jester, did I mention the silliness?

Who can resist songs like “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever” or “Jackass in a Can”? (“Jackass in a Can” included here for your viewing pleasure.)

I once wrote the lyrics to a country song called “You Can’t Have My Heart, Will My Appendix Do?” That has nothing whatsoever to do with Galavant, but I thought I’d mention it.

Is Galavant campy? It is so campy it should be open for 8 weeks in the summer.

Love, Love, Love.

Not only do I love it for itself (and I do), Galavant has wonderful timing. It’s on at exactly the same time as The Librarians which should frustrate me because The Librarians started off so well. But now TL has gotten spooky and scary and the only time I venture into Spooky and Scary Land is when I’m working on our taxes.

Love, Mom

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