Dear Kid,

The Puppy was the star in his very own photo shoot.

Puppy: I had to have a bath
Me: Yes, you did
Puppy: I smell ridiculous
Me: You smell clean
Puppy: That’s what I said—ridiculous

My friend Beth The Photographer came over to the house.

What part of "I'm busy sniffing" is confusing to you? Puppy Conversations #PuppyConversations DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: I’ll go roll in something so I smell better
Me: You will sit right there and wait nicely for Beth
Puppy: She’s going to think I smell awful
Me: She’s going to think you smell clean
Puppy: I’m so embarrassed
Me: Try not to look embarrassed during the photo shoot
Puppy: I’ll try not to look clean either

Puppy: Someone is here! Stranger danger! There is someone coming to the door! Alert the marines!
Me: It’s Beth. I told you she was coming to take photos
Puppy: I don’t know you! You’re at my house! Call the police! Tell the neighbors! Alert the media!
Beth: Hi, Puppy. Nice to meet you
Puppy: Oh. Hi. Nice to meet you too. Would you like to play with my toy?

Puppy: Mom
Me: What sweetie?
Puppy: She has a big black bag
Me: Yes
Puppy: I don’t know what it is
Me: It’s her camera equipment
Puppy: I sniffed it. It doesn’t smell like food
Me: I shouldn’t think so
Puppy: Can I play with it?
Me: Absolutely not
Puppy: Can I sniff it again? Because it’s been a lot of places
Me: Happy sniffing
Puppy: I’m always happy sniffing

Beth: Why don’t we take some photos outside?
Puppy: Outside? I love outside? Can I go outside with you?
Me: Yup. You’re going to be in the photos
Puppy: Psstt. Mom?
Me: Yes sweetie
Puppy: Does “be in photos” hurt?
Me: Not at all
Puppy: Will you be there?
Me: Absolutely
Puppy: OK. Let’s go outside!!!

Puppy running with the ball. Puppy Conversations #PuppyConversations DearKidLoveMom.comMe: Fetch the ball!
Puppy: I will run to the ball!
Me: How about you bring it back to me?
Puppy: Hey! There is something interesting over here to sniff
Me: Bring me the ball
Puppy: You threw it. You get it.
Me: I have a treat
Puppy: Bringing the ball! Bringing the ball!

The Sun is In. My. Eyes. Puppy Conversations #PuppyConversations DearKidLoveMom.comBeth: How about we try some photos in the sun?
Puppy: I love the sun! Nap time!
Me: Sit
Puppy: Sitting like a good boy
Me: You are a very good boy. Look this way
Puppy: The sun’s in my eyes
Me: Try to open your eyes and look at me
Puppy: Sun. In. My. Eyes.
Beth: Let’s go back to the shade

Me: Say “thank you” to Beth for taking your picture
Puppy: Thank you to Beth for taking your picture
Beth: You were a very good boy
Puppy: You are a very nice lady. Would you like to play with my toy?
Beth: I have to leave now
Puppy: You’re not going to stay and scratch my tummy?
Beth: Didn’t you get enough scratching before?
Puppy: Is she serious?
Beth: Goodbye baby
Puppy: I am exhausted. Nap time…

And that was the photo shoot.

Love, Mom

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