Dear Kid,

You might not have been paying attention, but there was a lot of Are You Kidding Me? TV this weekend.

Not just in football, although there was good deal of that. And not just the live production (rebroadcast) of The Wiz, although there was that. And not just the Democratic debate, although that too (apparently) qualified.

I am not giving up my crown. Then again, I'm not Miss Universe. DearKidLoveMom.comNo Dearest. The Are You Kidding Me? TV event I refer to is the Miss Universe pageant. If you haven’t heard about this crown-tastrophe you have been under a rock not checking social media, because this was Are You Kidding Me? TV to the nth degree. And then some.

Turns out people (especially those who aren’t American) take Miss Universe VERY seriously. And it did not go well.

Let me set the scene.

Pretty women. Beautiful women. Tall, lanky, stunning women. The most gorgeous human creatures in The Universe. The M.C. was Steve Harvey; not my fave, but no one asked me. A big stage. Small outfits. Lots of pulchritude (look it up).

Scene set.

Swimsuits were modeled. Confidence was strutted. Questions were asked and answered. And the winner was announced: Miss Colombia! Tears, flowers, crown.

Except Not So Much.

Because Miss Colombia was actually the Runner Up. Miss Philippines actually won. But Steve Harvey (still not my fave) announced the Wrong Person.


Steve Harvey had to come back on stage and explain that he’d oopsed. Miss Colombia (who doesn’t speak English and had no idea what was going on) was de-crowned, Miss P was rightfully proclaimed the New Miss Universe, and absolutely no one on the planet (except her mother) paid the least bit of attention since everyone was focused on Miss C (Oh, Poor You) and Mr. H (One job, dude. You had One Job).

Steve Harvey apologized. A lot. The Twitterverse was not kind. At all. Especially when Steve misspelled his Twitter apology. “Columbia” is the school and no one knows what “Philippians” is.

Are You Kidding Me?

Love, Mom