Dear Kid,

Oh, the joy of helping children pack for camp.

Actually, I really enjoy spending time with you guys. And I’m fine with helping you choose and organize the 7 thousand things you will need to successfully negotiate the next two months.

The headache from writing your name on everything in permanent markers, not so much.

Time discussing what you should take with you? Fabulous. The pain behind me eyes when Pi wails, “Can you just make the decision for me? No, not THAT!”

Helping Kids Pack for Camp. DearKidLoveMom.comThe time we spend distracted and chatting about nothing at all? Wonderful. Trying to figure out how to get the silver permanent marker to write on your black socks? Sigh.

Discussing the number of pairs of underwear one needs? I have absolutely no words. Mostly because I can’t count that high.

Overall, enjoyable time well spent.

You guys are well past the age where I can do all the packing for you. And well past the age where I read the list and you fetch the clothes and it goes just that smoothly (I wonder if it ever really was that smooth or if I’m employing selective memory). You’re also well past the age where your clothes are small enough to fit easily into one large bag. And you have diverse interests which come with specialized gear.

Amazingly, we fit everything in one car. Including people.

Have a wonderful summer, kiddo. Keep us posted.

Love, Mom