Dear Kid,

I thought almond milk was a newfangled invention.

I thought wrong.

Almonds. Waiting to grow up to make milk. Like cows. Only smaller. DearKidLoveMom.comAlmond milk has been around since the first rock fell on an almond. During the Middle Ages, almond milk was frequently used because it didn’t spoil as quickly as cow’s milk (what with the lack of refrigeration that made a difference). Almond milk was also an approved drink during Lent.

Just because the rest of the world has been making and drinking almond milk forever, doesn’t mean we here in the US paid any attention. In point of fact, cows dominated the milk scene in the US for a long time (and by “for a long time” I mean since the US was invented).

In case you were wondering how to make almond milk, it’s pretty straightforward.

Step 1. Plant an almond tree.

Step 2. Wait for almonds to grow.

As the waiting and growing can take some time, you might skip those steps and proceed to the nearest grocery store to procure almonds. (The almond milk makers of the medieval times did not have that luxury.)

Step 3. Nosh on some of the almonds.

Step 4. Toss almonds into a blender (unless you time travel back to medieval times in which case start looking for rocks) with some water. Blend until thoroughly smooshed.

Step 5. Strain out the pulp.

Step 6. Wonder why you went to all that trouble when you could have just picked up a carton of almond milk when you were at the grocery store.

Fun fact: 1 liter of commercially prepared almond milk has (approximately) the same nutritional content as 16 almonds. And has the added benefit of not leaving little bits in your teeth.

Now you know.

Love, Mom