Dear Kid,

I may never be warm—or even tepid—again. Between last night’s game (frigid) and today’s JV game (about 10 times colder), my core temperature has dropped to “frozen solid” despite a great number of hot beverages and handwarmers.

The great news is that last night was a solid shut out over the Comets. And while today’s game was a solid loss for us, we can say “Eh, it’s JV. It doesn’t matter” like we actually mean it.

And so the High School football season ends for the Aviators.

Happy November DearKidLoveMom.comRemember that Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow. Technically, it ends at 2am, but that seems like a ridiculous hour to repeat.

Many, many (and many more “many”s) moons ago, my friend Susan (not someone you know) taught me the trick of changing the clock during the day.

Her rationale was that it was her hour to use and she was going to use it the way she saw fit, not just fritter it away in the wee hours of the morn when no one was paying attention.

For her, the clocks generally changed sometime in the afternoon and she would always find a specific way to use the hour (even if it was for raking leaves).

I think this is brilliant (except for the raking leaves part, because as I may have mentioned it is sub-arctic weather here).

I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to use my hour this year.

I might use it to do some cooking. I thought briefly about using it to clean (I know, hilarious idea). I might use it to write a blog. Or, as with last year, I might use it to squeeze in a visit to the gym. Booker has assured me he is going to use his hour to nap, shed, and then complain about not being fed on time.

How are you planning to use your extra hour?

Happy November,

Love, Mom