Dear Kid,

Nose Goes! DearKidLoveMom.comMy friend Roy recently posted a Thought on facebook. As he doesn’t often do that, we were all suitably impressed and Took Note.

“We should all pay less attention to nincompoopery.”

This small and simple statement of brilliance caused me to immediately go to My Friend The Internet to see the origins of the word nincompoopery.

And My Friend The Internet let me down.

Fortunately, I’m not one for being let down, so I let myself right back up and am delighted to bring you the etymology of the word nincompoopery (which is a really fun word to say).

Nincompoop comes from the 4th Phase of Martian. “Nin” as in “none”, “com” as in “compos” or “brain”, and “poop” as in “who left this mess here?”. All together it means “what a twit!” and (in 4th Phase Martian) is usually followed by “I’m not cleaning this up” and “Nose goes.”

Nose Goes dates back to at least the movie Meatballs in 1979.

Special Nose Goes rules you may not know about. The driver of a vehicle is always exempt (assuming the vehicle in question is being driven) and Moms are always exempt when they choose to be.

A nincompoopery is a place where nincompoops are made. Just as a bakery is where bakes are made, a jewelry is where jewels are made, and a distillery is where I had breakfast (I joke).

Remind me to get more sleep (or to take Roy less seriously).

Love, Mom