A nice cup of teaDear Kid,

It is 4-something in the morning and I seem to have forgotten how to sleep. Or possibly I’ve just thrown my sleep cycle completely out of whack. Either way, everyone with any sense is asleep and I sit here with a nice cup of tea (have you ever noticed that no one ever sits down with a bad cup of tea?), in the peace and quiet of pre-dawn, writing to you.

There are lots of tea snobs in the world. Fortunately, I am not one of them. Maybe I’ve just never had a truly wonderful cup of tea, or maybe I have mediocre taste buds. Probably both. I am a sucker for fun, flavored tea which I know would shock most tea connoisseurs into a stunned silence. Then again, I am not aware of ever having met a true tea snob so I could be making the whole thing up. Love the episode of NCIS where Ducky turns down a cup of tea from Gibbs saying it is made from “tea leaf dust” and later buys him the appropriate accoutrements for “proper” tea making. I’m pretty sure I own everything necessary for a “proper” cup of tea (tea pot, loose tea leaves, tea strainer). I’m darn sure I’ve never used them. Your mother is a failure when it comes to tea-snobbery.

His Fuzziness is snoring. Truly a wonderful noise. I wish I could bottle it and pull it out whenever I need a fuzzy-induced smile. I don’t think it would be the same to record it. I think there is something special about knowing he’s right there that makes the snoring so precious. Thoughts? (I know, I know. But did I mention the hour of the morning?)

Hoping you are not yet up. Hoping even more you are not still up. Either way, have a great day–and please get  some sleep for both of us.

Love, Mom