Dear Kid,

I love it when people look at something from a new perspective. (That might be reason enough to learn to do a handstand.)

A group of designers in Minneapolis have done this brilliantly. They have a site called where they have taken NFL logos and reinterpreted them as European football (read: soccer) logos. Fab-u-lous. This is their version of the Miami Dolphins’ logo. Check out the others when you have a mo. Really cool.

 Miami Dolphins alternative logo

A less fabulous re-do, is  Channing Tatum’s spoof of Jean Claude Van Dammme’s Epic Split. It’s less than brilliant but it’s all the talk on the internet—you have been warned.

I had lunch with the Amazing Amy yesterday. We were talking about her business when I realized she’d interpreted a comment I’d made differently than I’d intended. When I explained what I’d meant, she looked liked her world had just spun backward for a moment (priceless expression—too bad I didn’t have my camera ready). It opened up a whole new way for her to think. Very cool.

Here’s to finding those moments of unexpected perspective.

Love, Mom

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