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Do You Know What Today Has To Do With Socks?

Dear Kid,

Gotta love toes. Happy No Socks Day. DearKidLoveMom.comIt’s No Socks Day!

This is fantastic for at least two reasons.

One reason is that it’s fun to not wear socks. Not wearing socks is a tangible sign that warm weather has arrived. I love having my toes free to wiggle and breathe. Yes, my toes breathe.

The other reason is that No Socks Day is just a fun idea. And it seems to me (and many of other people) that we often don’t have enough fun in the world.

The headlines (and sub headlines) are full of bad news. And there is no question that there is a LOT of bad news out there. The world can be a not-so-nice place sometimes.

So taking some time now and then to have some fun seems like a great idea.

Happy No Socks Day! DearKidLoveMom.comHave a breakfast pastry, help yourself to ice cream at lunch, and don’t wear socks. Because it’s fun.

Happy No Socks Day!

Love, Mom

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Hold the Presses! There’s a New Source in Town

Dear Kid,

Google (All Hail!) has decided that blogs are news. Actually, Google (Huzzah!) has decided that everything’s up to date on the internet and therefore many sites like Reddit and twitter are legit sources of news. Google (Woot! Woot!) is (most intelligently) including blogs in this new definition of news.

I don’t have actual data on how Google (Three Cheers!) decides which blogs and which sites to include, but no one really understands the Big G’s algorithms (and if people tell you they do, do NOT buy real estate from them). So in the absence of facts to the contrary, I assume Google (Hip Hip Hooray!) is choosing to use as a source of information for all things.

This is terrific news for DearKidLoveMom and really sad news for anyone attempting to do actual research or to find an up-to-date fact.

I have plenty of up-to-date. And I occasionally publish facts. I just don’t always do them at the same time.

In all probability, you are unlikely to see me quoted as the Source of All Knowledge regarding soup bowls or the Hero of Horseradish or the Guru of Greek Mythology (none of which are trending in popular culture much less news media), but I love the possibility, infinitesimal though it may be, that I might one day be a source. Pick me! Pick Me!

Just call me Deep Throat.

Love, Mom

In anticipation of DKLM becoming a respected news source, feel free to spread the word.

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