Dear Kid,

Excuse me while my jaw hits the floor.

Or possibly while my jaw hits the floor, bounces back up, and slams into the rest of my being. That’s a picture, isn’t it?

I thought I knew All There Was to Know about the wonderful Dr. Seuss.

I was ever so wrong.

The wonderful Beth from Call Me Crazy Maybe But who I have known since, well, a really long time ago, pointed out that THERE’S A NEW DR SEUSS BOOK COMING!!!


Three Best Dr. Seuss Books Ever

Can you figure out which one is my #1 All Time Favorite?

That was the sound of the aforementioned jaw.

The new book is called What Pet Should I Get? and really and truly was written by Dr. S himself. It was found in 2013 and is going to be published (yep, Ted G did the drawings too) in July.

Do you realize how important this is????

All things minion take a backseat. That’s how important it is.

Now you know.

Love, Mom