Dear Kid,

Tomorrow is – I kid you not – Be Nasty Day. Now I’m all for a free day to be nasty to people who deserve it (and by “who deserve it” I’m talking about in my own particular brand of opinion) but seeing as how tomorrow also happens to be a Very Special Someone’s Birthday (and by VSS I mean you) March 8 seems like a terrible day to be nasty.

Hence, I suggest we get all the nastiness out today and move on to wonderful happiness tomorrow.

As I sat down to think about who to be nasty to, I discovered something very interesting: I wasn’t at all sure who to put on my Be Nasty To List.

Oh, there are the universal suspects like terrorists, but (thankfully) I’ve never met a terrorist face-to-face and so the opportunities for in person nastiness are lacking.

Then there are the people who have in some way Offended Me Personally. But I’m finding that thinking about random, spontaneous nastiness in my head is quite sufficient and actually planning any nastiness just seems like a waste of time.

Perhaps I’ll growl at a crazy driver today or roll my eyes when someone butchers the English language or Give a Look to someone who does something uncalled for. But that’s life, not particularly nasty-oriented.

All in all, I think Be Nasty Day is a general waste of time and energy, so I’ll just pass if it’s ok with you.

Hope you skip over the Nasties too.

Love, Mom