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The Puppy and The Pillow

Dear Kid,

About a zillion years ago, I found a big piece of fabric with a blue background and a football team logo all over it. I sewed up the sides, stuffed it, and turned it into an enormous pillow for your room.

Since it was not the logo of a team that offended your sensibilities, and since it was big, and most importantly it was football (although hockey would have been better, Mom), you were quite happy to have it.

It lived as part of the background of your room for a long time.

But while the logo didn’t offend your sensibilities (hockey really would have been better, Mom) neither were you at all interested in that particular football organization, and the pillow drifted. It drifted so far that eventually it fell off your bed and took up permanent residence on the floor.

There it lay for several years, until I finally decided that someone with four legs would probably enjoy it more than the floor.

So I brought it downstairs, covered it with towels (just in case the team offended the Puppy’s sensibilities), and presented his Furriness with an alternative napping spot.

The Puppy LOVES his big pillow. It may be his favorite place to nap. If not his fave, then certainly in the top three. Apparently, he just doesn’t care all that much about football logos (I’m sure he agrees that hockey really, really would have been better).

Somewhere along the way, one of the seams gave out. The Puppy (of course) saw this as an excellent opportunity to liberate some of the stuffing. I shoved the stuffing back in the pillow, turned the pillow so that the hole was against the wall (harder to remember to pull the stuffing out when you can’t see it), and promised myself that – at my earliest opportunity – I would repair the rip.

Fast forward approximately 17 months. Yesterday was “my earliest opportunity.” I know, because I actually fixed the pillow yesterday.

Not only was the seam ripped, but part of the fabric was ripped too. There was no way to perform elegant plastic surgery. This was meatball surgery (extra points if you get the reference) at best.

So I sat on the floor with the big blue pillow and began to pin and stitch. The Puppy was not amused at having his Favorite Place taken away and stalked off, making it a point to ignore me. I made it a point not to notice him ignoring me.

About halfway through the repair job, I went to the kitchen to refill my BOC (beverage of choice—Diet Coke). When I came back, who do you think had figured out how to climb onto the pillow, curl up, and pretend to be asleep?

Dad wanted to “cause an earthquake” and dislodge the baby from the pillow. I vetoed the idea.

Instead, I lovingly scooped him off the pillow and into my lap, thoroughly expecting to be given the evil eye and abandoned.

Just when you think you know how they’re going to behave…

The baby blinked up at me sleepily, snuggled down, and remained on my lap. I thought maybe he wanted to be near his pillow while it was in “the hospital.”

Have you ever tried to thread a needle when a 20 pound dog is sleeping with his oversized head in the crook of your arm? Not easy, my friend, not easy.

I pulled the pillow over, somehow threaded the needle, and resumed working. Get the visual: Puppy in my lap, mostly curled up with his head in the crook of my left arm; pillow that is 5 times bigger than he is pulled up so that it is almost covering him like a blanket; me trying to sew.

And then – just as I was considering asking him to nap elsewhere – he began to snore. Tiny, baby, I’m-so-happy-with-the-world snores.

By the time I finished the pillow, my arm was beginning to cramp from holding his head and my right leg had fallen asleep.

It’s been a long time since I was that happy to be that uncomfortable.

Love, Mom

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Puppy Conversations | Naps and Walks

Dear Kid,

Puppy running with the ball. Puppy Conversations #PuppyConversations DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: Wake up.
Me: Mmrph.
Puppy: Wake up.
Me: Seriously?
Puppy: Wake up.
Me: OK, OK, give me a minute.
Puppy: Wake up.
Me: Fine, I’m awake. What?
Puppy: Watch me sleep.


Puppy: Want to go for a walk?
Me: Not really.
Puppy: I want to go for a walk.
Me: Now?
Puppy: Take Me For a Walk!
Me: Fine, we’ll go for a walk.
Puppy: In this heat?


Puppy: I think we should go for a walk.
Me: You don’t really want to.
Puppy: I do! I do! I do!!
Me: Are you sure?
Puppy: Absolutely! Walk! Walk! Walk!
Me: Fine. We’ll go for a walk.
Puppy: Carry me.


Love, Mom

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I can sleep all the time because I don’t have a cell phone or reality TV

Dear Kid,

It’s that kind of a day.

I have no idea what that means either.

I can sleep all the time because I don't have a cell phone or reality TV. DearKidLoveMom.comLast night I spent time hanging out with Pi and watching Total Divas (bad “reality” TV) rather than writing a blog and this morning I spent time sleeping rather than writing a blog and so now my coffee and I are busy staring at a blank screen. (The Puppy has taken over the sleeping so that is still being attended to.)

But it’s that kind of a day, by which I mean it’s an odd day. It’s too warm to turn on the heat, but too cold not to. At the moment I am cuddled under three blankets with my laptop warming the top of my lap and my coffee warming the inside of my tummy. Nothing is warming my toes and they are complaining about it. I told them about your toes turning purple during your class about what cold does to extremities. They “oohed” politely and pointed out that you are young and resilient and—more importantly—attached to someone else which in no way makes them any warmer. Silly toes.

Pi is off at an event for Crayons to Computers (such a good child working for such a good cause) and Dad is grocery shopping (he’s only called me once from the store so far—well, twice if you count the pocket dial). His soccer games got canceled because it is cold and rainy. Yes, I know you don’t cancel soccer games when it’s cold and rainy, but these people did. At least they had the courtesy to call him before he left the house.

There’s a great deal to be done around the house today. Cooking and baking and cleaning and snuggling the Puppy. Unfortunately, none of those things (except Puppy snuggling) sound as nice and cozy as sipping gulping coffee under my blanket. So it remains to be seen what will get done. I have GOT to get better elves.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

Love, Mom


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Puppy Dreams

What are you dreaming about BookerDear Kid,

Booker is sleeping and making all sorts of adorable noises in his crate. I wonder what he’s dreaming about. I’m sure he’s not dreaming about rabbits because a) we haven’t seen any rabbits recently and he’s got a memory about 14 seconds long and b) he’s surely got more important things on his mind. Like breakfast.

Can you imagine Booker actually catching a varmint? I wonder if his wolf instincts would kick in and he’d try to kill it or whether his natural personality would dominate and he’d try to be friends with it?

Speaking of his friends, Cobra (such a silly name for a cat) and Booker had a lovely time this morning. Booker whined and wagged until Cobra came running down the driveway to see him. The funny part is that while they love each other, they haven’t at all got the hang of how to behave with each other. Cobra wants to butt heads and do other cat-like things while Booker wants to play and sniff (not necessarily in that order). Which inevitably means that the cat head-butts Booker, stares superciliously at him while he tries to sniff, and then they ignore each other. The really funny part is that they work so hard at ignoring each other–kind of like 6th graders. Then the cat will go off on important cat business and Booker will fuss that he’s being abandoned. They crack me up.

I googled (when it’s a verb, do you have to capitalize google? how did google become a verb anyway? We would never say “I yahoo-ed”) dog dreams. Turns out there is an article in Psychology Today (of all places) talking about dog dreams. After some horrid experiments (how do people get away with cutting out parts of dogs’ brains???), they concluded that dogs do in fact dream (duh) and they dream about things they did during the day, just like people.

Which is only fine up to the point where I realized that I dream about things all the time that would never in a zillion years happen in real life and so how on earth can we assume what dogs dream about?

But he is the cutest furry thing for miles regardless of what he’s dreaming about.

Sweet dreams, kid.

Love, Mom

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