Dear Kid,

It is the day after heart day. Which of the following is the correct definition?

  1. Half Price Chocolate and Roses Day
  2. Day after Too Much Pressure to Be Romantic Day
  3. Sunday
  4. Leave Me Alone—I’m a College Kid and Still Sleeping

Some of the wonderful dogs looking for a forever home at My Furry Valentine DearKidLoveMom.comAmazingly, Dad and I did not bring home a new furry friend from the My Furry Valentine Event yesterday, but we did meet lots of nice babies (and by “babies” I mean four legged friends looking for a forever home).

There was another entire room with cats and we were told there were also snakes and rabbits and perhaps other things. On the off chance that there might have been spiders and the absolute certainty that Dad’s allergies would not have been amused in the cat room, we stuck to the canine portion of the event.

I was amazed at how many organizations were there either with animals for adoption or with products and services for those animals for adoption. I was even more amazed at the number of people who were there. It was absolutely mobbed. By the time Dad and I left (before noon on the first day of a two day event), over 50 pets had been adopted.

Congrats to everyone especially the phoDOGrapher who organized the event.

Booker sniffed us a bit when we got home, but didn’t really have anything to say about our “cheating.” Yes, I was a little surprised too.

Guests coming for dinner tonight so must go get the shovel and start cleaning.

Love, Mom