Happy AugustDear Kid,

Happy August!

The weather remains confused and confusing which means it must be Summer 2013 in Southwest Ohio. Ridiculous. I’m waiting for 6 inches of snow during the heat wave. Go figure.

In any event, August the Oneth is historically a day of Great Human Advancement (with the notable exception of 1914 when August 1 was the first day of WWI).

In 1774, Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen on August 1st. This was good news for oxygen, but didn’t make headlines because people were much more concerned about Priestley’s political and religious views which just shows that humans have had confused priorities for eons.

Aug 1, 1941, the first Jeep rolled off the production line giving people a cool way to drive to the first Six Flags which opened in Texas August 1, 1961.

MTV launched in 1981 on Aug 1st. The first video was Video Killed the Radio Star (really). M2 launched 15 years later on August 1st but didn’t really turn the world upside-down the way the first channel did. Which is another way of saying no one seemed to care very much.

(Here’s the biggie)

In 2007 (yes, you read that date correctly, my friend), the first drive-through ATM opened in China. No information on whether the first car through was a Jeep.

In other firsts, we are headed east for my first visit to Ohio University and your first college orientation. (Hey, don’t laugh. There are people who attend more than one.) I suspect we will have a bunch of firsts these next few days.

Here’s to lots of firsts.

Love, Mom