My idea of a perfect breakfast. With coffee, please.

Dear Kid,

After extensive research, I am happy to report

  • Most of us have, at one point or another, had a mother. (See below if you don’t get the reference.)
  • Mother’s Day is May 12, 2013.

Just in case you were wondering, Mother’s Day is an American invention (1908). While Hallmark didn’t actually invent Mother’s Day, it certainly has helped commercialize it, which took approximately 27 minutes.

I’m wondering if you have a favorite Mother’s Day ritual or memory…tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it.

In honor of moms everywhere, today, we have our first annual Mother’s Day Quiz. Extra Credit awarded for creativity.

True or False: Mothers want breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.
False. There may be some moms who want breakfast in bed, but most of us are not dying for breakfast not of our choosing that we will have to eat smilingly and clean up later. We do however value the gesture quite highly. Being allowed to sleep longer–excellent gift.

True or False: Grunting at your Mother is sufficient conversation.
False. We actually like hearing about your life. Texting is a poor substitute for conversation but we’ll take what we can get.

True or False: Macaroni projects are a swell Mother’s Day gift.
True, but they were much better when you were closer in size to the macaroni.

True or False: Planning a Mother’s Day surprise is a good reason to skip school.
Sorry, laughing too hard to answer this one.

True or False: Helping with chores in a cheerful and engaging way is a swell Mother’s Day gift.
Absolutely. Positively. You betcha.

True or False: Mother’s Day is celebrated globally.
False. Did I not mention we Americans invented it? There are lots of variations on Mother’s Day.

True or False: There is still time to plan for Mother’s Day.
True. True. True. Get cracking, kid!

Love, Mom


Grosvenor. (wildly) But you would not do it — I am sure you would not. (Throwing himself at Bunthorne’s knees, and clinging to him.) Oh, reflect, reflect! You had a mother once.

Bunthorne. Never!

Grosvenor. Then you had an aunt! (Bunthorne affected.) Ah! I see you had! By the memory of that aunt, I implore you to pause…

Patience, Gilbert & Sullivan