Dear Kid,

Puppy: Mom?
Me: Mmmm?
Puppy: MOM?
Me: Mmmm?
Puppy: What’s wrong?
Me: Mmmm
Puppy: I think you’re in a Mood. Only I don’t recognize this Mood. What’s wrong?
Me: Oh, sweetie, nothing is wrong exactly
Puppy: What is wrong inexactly?
Me: Mmmm
Puppy: Did you make a mess in the kitchen? I can help clean up.
Me: No, baby, for the moment there is no mess
Puppy: Are you sick? Do you need a treat? I would like a treat. Maybe you should give me a treat so you feel better.
Me: No treats
Puppy: What is this Mood?
Me: The Kid moved into his new apartment
Puppy: And that makes you sad?
Me: A little sad, a little happy, a little proud, a little regretful
Puppy: That’s confusing. No wonder I didn’t recognize your Mood. Will it help if I lick your face?
Me: It might
Puppy: What is a new apartment?
Me: It’s his home for a while
Puppy: This is his home
Me: Yes, but it’s his home while he’s at school
Puppy: Didn’t he have a home last year?
Me: Well, yes, but then it was dorm
Puppy: And a dorm is a different home than a new apartment?
Me: Yes
Puppy: Does it still have roommates?
Me: Yes
Puppy: Does it still have a bed?
Me: Yes
Puppy: Does he still do homework there?
Me: Yes
Puppy: Does he still come here for vacation?
Me: Yes
Puppy: Are you still paying for it?
Me: Yes
Puppy: Sounds the same to me
Me: I think that’s part of what makes it complicated. It’s different, but it’s not different
Puppy: Do you still love him?
Me: Of course
Puppy: Does he still love us?
Me: Of course he does
Puppy: Not different
Me: Except that it is
Puppy: Rub my tummy

Love, Mom

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