Dear Kid,

Turns out yesterday really was a Monday. I know this because the calendar said so. Also because I spilled my coffee (twice). And because the Bengals lost.

Before you jump to “But the Bungles are supposed to lose. That’s what they do!” let me remind you that this year they had forgotten they were supposed to lose and were 8-0. Branching out. Trying new things. It was beautiful to behold.

Except for last night.

I take full responsibility. Not only did I spill my coffee (twice) [I really should have been more careful before a Monday night game], but I fell asleep. Zonked during the fourth quarter when I clearly should have been paying attention.

Woke up to the horrible news that if only I’d spilled a little more coffee into me and a little less everywhere else, I might have stayed awake long enough to ensure victory.

I thought Marvin and the team had it under control. I let them down. I let fans down. I let my eyelids down. And I really am sorry.

But we’re still 8-1 which is pretty dang awesome and I’ll do my best to lead the team to victory (from the couch) going forward.

Love, Mom