Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle (view in chrome or firefox for animation)

Dear Kid,

Happy Monday and Happy Earth Day! The Ohio Valley area is celebrating with gorgeous sunshine and exploding bursts of pollen. I am enjoying one far more than the other. Today’s Google Doodle rocks (you have to view it in Firefox or Chrome to get the full effect).

In other news…actually, I don’t really have much in the way of other news. I had a whole long list of things I had planned hoped thought about doing this weekend that I didn’t get anywhere near. Is it possible to snub a to-do list? One thing I really did hope to get to was the hall mirror. It needs another coat of paint to make the final transition from an out-of-date gold paint finish to a new-and-sort-of-trendy blue finish. Right now, some of the gold is still showing through giving it a vile, evil-green glow. Dad seems to like it, but I’m not really in favor of the steeped in poison look. All of which means locating the kitchen table, painting clothes, and half an hour simultaneously–a trio that completely eluded me this weekend.

Hope you’re having a great Monday and find a few minutes to snorkel through the pollen to find some fresh air on this Earth Day.

Love, Mom