Dear Kid,

Mea Culpa.

I got it wrong.

A few days ago I commented on major league baseball (MLB if you prefer). More specifically, I talked about attending my first professional baseball game and my observations thereof. Much of what I said was accurate, or at least sufficiently opinion-based to be inarguable. But I oopsed.

I said Cinci would host this year’s All Star Game.

As several people have gently pointed out, Cincinnati is hosting Next Year’s All Star Game. July 14, 2015 should you care to mark your calendar.

I thought about bluffing and blustering my way along by explaining that people need to not only read between the lines, but also read between the words. Here was the logic I was considering.

Baseball's All Star Game will be in Cincinnati in 2015 DearKidLoveMom.comWhat I actually said:

This year’s All-Star Game will be in Cincinnati. 

The odd logic I was considering using:

What I was implying was: This (the year of which I speak, 2015) year’s All-Star Game will be in Cincinnati. 

I decided that was pushing it, even for me.

I also firmly believe that it is important to admit when we’re wrong. It is especially important for people other than me to admit when they’re wrong.

Admitting that we’re (occasionally) wrong keeps us from looking like stuck up idiots because we’re all occasionally incorrect.

Sitcoms regularly recycle the idea of a character being unable to utter the phrase “I was wrong.” Sometimes they are able to make it funny. More often it’s just sad.

Being wrong is part of being human. Recognizing it, admitting it, and apologizing and correcting the mistake is part of being an adult.

To quote the vernacular, “Man up.”

Love, Mom